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Richard Burke

Guitar Instruction

Instructor’s Background

Richard Burke has been privileged to teach guitar to children and adults since 1998 in Bozeman. Previously, he taught as a faculty member at the Community Music Center of Portland, Oregon.


A performer of Renaissance, Baroque, Spanish, and Latin American guitar repertoire, he has played most recently in the orchestras for Man of La Mancha, Fiddler on the Roof, and Don Pasquale.


Celtic music is another style Richard particularly enjoys, and he has performed on many occasions at weddings, concerts, community dances and other special events.


Weekly lessons range in length from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on age and ability. For younger children, 30 minutes is appropriate, while experienced teens and adults gain most from 45-60 minute lessons.


Beginning with the basics of hand positions, production of beautiful sound from one’s instrument, and comfortable practice sitting position, lessons are conducted with each individual’s abilities and musical taste in mind.


These fundamentals prepare the student to play any style, from Classical to Celtic, Country & Western, Popular, Rock, and Jazz guitar. Chord accompaniment and finger picking are taught, along with reading of sheet music and tablature for guitar.




30 minutes $25

45 minutes $35


60 minutes $45

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